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Fenestration Management, Sourcing, & Advising

Skywall is the result of over 30 years of experience providing sophisticated door & window systems for sophisticated homes in Bend, Oregon and nationwide. We are constantly searching the globe to find the best, most luxury windows on the market.  


At Skywall, we like to be involved in the design process of a house as early as possible. As fenestration advisors, we work with the architect and homeowner to source the best possible door & window product to meet the architectural, structural, and practical needs of the home.

The Team

Hank Foster

Owner/Project Advisor

Hank is the original founder several door and window companies, now including Skywall. Hank has over 30 years in the window and door business and still enjoys coming to work and addressing new challenges. He is personally committed to his customers' satisfaction and enjoys getting out to all of the projects as much as possible.

When he’s not working Hank looks forward to spending time with family and seeing his grandkids. And he loves getting out in the desert on his dirt bikes.

Jackson Foster

Project Advisor

Jackson recently moved to Bend and works in project management, advising, and service advising. Although he spends most of his time at the office, he loves to get out and help with some of the "dirty work". He also enjoys photographing the process and finished projects.

In his spare time, Jackson enjoys figuring out ways to drum and play music without bothering his neighbors.

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