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Wood Clad

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Weather Shield has been committed to making windows and doors the best way we know how-- by putting the wants of our customers first. Today, this philosophy remains the heart and soul of everything we do.

Our focus on innovative and flexible solutions clearly distinguishes Weather Shield from other window and door companies. It's the reason we offer more styles, shapes, sizes and options in more product lines than anyone else in the industry. It's what drives us to design, engineer and manufacture the highest quality, most energy efficient products possible.

Harmonious atmosphere, sophisticated design, exquisite materials, oneness of the object with its environment. SILBER has provided windows and doors manufactured in-house for over 150 years to meet these demands. Innovative technology, honest handicraft and excellent quality control go hand in hand with comprehensive consultation. Customers all over the world trust SILBER when they buy windows and doors for their dream houses. We would be delighted if you took a look at our products too.

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